Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials - Engineered Solutions

Why choose our Engineered Solutions Team? 

Since its inception in 1980, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials – Engineered Solutions (ES) has focused on being the global leader in vertical integration for high performance polymer materials, and precision machined plastic components and assemblies.

Through the integration of multiple technologies within one facility, we can bring various benefits to every engineer who is challenged with finding solutions for complex and demanding projects:

  • Simplify your supply chain
  • Improve your process flow
  • Create solutions more cost effectively

Discover Our Full Range of Capabilities

A Global Network of Engineered Solutions Experts 

With 11 locations in Europe, Asia, and North America, our experts are equipped to assist you in every area of material development. Bring us your greatest challenge, and we will deliver the best solution.

New in 2020 - Our Innovation and Technology Center in Mesa, Arizona!

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Inc.
Engineered Solutions
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United States of America

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