CHEMPLAST® Lined Steel Systems

We proudly offer reliable, corrosion resistant piping products (spools, fittings, valves, bellows etc.) for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power, refining, pulp and paper, water-treatment and metal processing industries:

  • Chemplast® pipe liners are chemically inert to all known industrial chemicals;
  • The product offers outstanding corrosion resistance;
  • Low friction, non-stick, non-flammable & non-toxic;
  • Wide temperature range (-29°C to +232°C). PTFE is recommended for continuous temperatures from -129°C up to 232°C;
  • Exhibits excellent permeation resistance;
  • Zero water absorption;
  • Minimum permeability in pipe liners.


Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Chemplast has an independent Quality Assurance/Control Department. Our QA department takes full charge of all pre-manufacturing and manufacturing QC inspection processes. All steel supplied by our suppliers is inspected on arrival, material test certificates are available for all steel supplied, all steel shall conform to EN 10204 : 3.1 or BS DIN 50 049 : 3.1 certification.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Chemplast liners are inspected and tested by our QA/QC department pre-lining. Mechanical properties are tested in-house by our QC inspectors, and shall always conform to ASTM F1545-97(08).

The QA Department creates a Quality Control Plan (QCP) for every order received, this QCP is a map of all processes that the lined steel fittings or spools will undergo, there are inspection interventions marked on this QCP to show the HOLD Points for inspection by QC, customer or third party. No job is started without a QCP.

All our lined steel pipes and fittings are marked with our internal unique number for traceability. This number is hard stamped on the Flange Face. From this number we  can trace all material certificates for both steel and lining used. All other Quality Tests are performed on a lined product are traceable from this number.  No lined pipe or fitting leave our premises without traceability.

All our lined steel fittings and spools are hydrostatically pressure tested to 29 Bar at ambient temperature, and electrostatically tested @10 kV. A certificate of conformance, or pressure test certificate is issued on request.


Lined Steel Spools

We offer an extended range of PLASTIC LINED STEEL PIPING SYSTEMS in the following plastics: PTFE, PP, PVDF, HDPE. Our KEYLON® PTFE range is typically available up to 400mm (16") sizes, although larger components are also available on...


Lined Steel Valves & Sightglasses

CHEMPLAST® Ltd LINED VALVES are designed for extremely corrosive duties primarily within the process & chemical industries. We are proud to offer a large range of fully lined plastic valves from world renowned leading valve manufacturers....



CHEMPLAST® Ltd offers moulded KEYLON® PTFE COMPENSATORS/BELLOWS (up to 10 convolutions) from sizes 1" (25NB) to 24" (600NB). Please note that machined bellows are available up to 40" (1000NB). Non standard bellows are available on request....


Dip/Sparge Pipes

For universal corrosion resistance, KEYLON® PTFE DIP AND SPARGE PIPES are designed to introduce gas and fluids into reactor vessels, columns and storage tanks. These dip pipes manufactured by CHEMPLAST® Ltd offer a more robust alternative...


Lined Steel Fittings

CHEMPLAST® Ltd’s range of LINED STEEL FITTINGS complement the piping supply capabilities and is therefore available in the following plastics: PTFE, PP, PVDF, HDPE. Utilising proven and specialised techniques, we ensure that all fittings...


Stainless Steel Braided Hoses

We supply stainless steel PTFE lined braided hoses PTFE lined S/S 304 BS 4504/10 S/S Flanges, and PTFE convoluted, black shrink-wrap wire-reinforced hoses in the following sizes: 25/40/50/880/100/150 NB.