Mass Transfer Products

  • Ideal, simple and effective methods of air purification;
  • Scrubber systems have few moving parts so they really don’t need a lot of maintenance;
  • Systems can be custom designed to minimise installation & operational costs;
  • Systems are constructed using corrosion resistant thermoplastics & alloys;
  • Simple operation instructions;
  • Excellent chemical resistance at high temperatures;
  • Systems can be equipped to desired level of automation.


  1. Exhaust gas cleaning (scrubbing) to atmosphere including acidic and NOx emissions;
  2. Odour removal of process airflows, eg. fish meal manufacture and abattoir waste;
  3. Water deaeration, ie. removal of dissolved oxygen from boiler water feed treatment;
  4. Liquid stripping eg. removal of impurities such as H2S or CO2 from gas streams;
  5. Gas cooling, ie. chlorine manufacture;
  6. Petrochemical processes ie. downstream refining of distalate byproducts.

Random Packing: Pall Rings

RANDOM PACKINGS are an inexpensive packing alternative to increase a tower's capacity and efficiency.


Random Packing: Plastic Saddles

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials CHEMPLAST® supplies a unique range of PLASTIC SADDLES.


Mesh Demister Pads

Our demister pads provide a large surface area in a small volume to collect liquid without substantially impeding gas flow.


DENSTONE® Support Media

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials CHEMPLAST® supplies a range of Saint Gobain process ceramics such as DENSTONE® ceramic ball bed supports manufactured by Saint Gobain, the world leader in ceramic catalyst bed support technology and...


Structured Packing

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials CHEMPLAST® imports a unique range of STRUCTURED PACKING.


REMBE® Bursting Discs

When there is need of protecting plant components against pressure or vacuum, REMBE® bursting discs have been considered to be reliable predetermined breaking points in all different fields of industry for decades. Innovation, flexibility and short lead times made REMBE® one of the world‘s most renowned specialists for your process safety. In 1991, REMBE® introduced the patented reverse buckling-pin bursting disc KUB® Pat. pending. This time the aid was the most modern laser cutting technology. By implementing laser technology into the production process REMBE® managed to incorporate the buckling pins directly into the bursting disc calotte. Based on the unique construction the response pressure is precisely determined by the buckling pin formula and independent of material thickness.


Safety device for sugar mills, flour/bulk food conveyance and general chemical processing, fine dust applications with explosion tendencies.


  • keyboard_arrow_downTypes of Packing Support Plates:

    1. Multibeam Packing Support Plates, available in stainless steel, thermoplastic or Glass Fibre Reinforced Laminates;
    2. Vapour Distributors in stainless steel;
    3. Ceramic Packing Support Beams for sulphuric acid manufacturing processes.