Pall Rings

RANDOM PACKINGS are an inexpensive packing alternative to increase a tower's capacity and efficiency. Tower capacity increases can be achieved without sacrificing efficiency. Whatever your application, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Chemplast has the random packing in the size and material – plastic, metal, or ceramic – to provide optimum performance. The random packings come in various designs such as Pall rings, saddles and Raschig rings. The various designs are manufactured in sizes from 16mm to 90mm. Random packings offer our customers improved column performance that is easily shipped, lifted, and installed from our cubic meter dump sacks (approximately 35 cubic feet). For smaller towers, we offer our easy handling 200 litre bags of random packing.


Random Packings are very common in the refinery, gas processing, chemical, and environmental process industries.

Plastic Saddles

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials supplies a unique range of PLASTIC SADDLES. The benefits include enhanced internal gas and liquid distribution, higher capacity allowance and maximised transfer efficiencies. The unique scalloped edge is the key to the product’s high performance and success.  The configuration provides many more interstitial transfer points per unit of volume than standard saddle packings. By continuously renewing the liquid surface, the additional transfer points significantly increase the rate of mass transfer.  The scalloped edges also immobilise the packing within the bed, which reduces settling, maintains packing free space and lowers column pressure drop.


Co2 Absorption; SO2, HCl and HF absorption or stripping; Chlorine absorption in water or caustics; Chlorine dioxide absorption; Chlorine drying; Hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan removal; Humidification and dehumidification; Decarbonating; De-aerating; Fume Scrubbing; Pulp and paper service, such as bleach plant absorbers.

DENSTONE® Support Media

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials supplies a range of Saint Gobain process ceramics such as DENSTONE® ceramic ball bed supports manufactured by Saint Gobain, the world leader in ceramic catalyst bed support technology and has set the industry standard with its Denstone® support media. Denstone® patented support media technology ensures seamless, monolithic spheres which eliminates splitting and spalling.  Engineered to maximize resistance to erosion and attrition it minimises the possibility of catalyst contamination. Unique NorPro technology yields support media with a high thermal shock resistance. Denstone® support media are free of sulfur, boron and other common catalytic poisons. Manufactured Denstone® media have a leachable iron content of less than 0.1%.


Chemical process lines; Metal treatment tanks; Food processing plants; Laboratory fume extraction; Chlorine and acid production.

Structured Packing

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials imports a unique range of STRUCTURED PACKING.  Structured packing is a unique family of patented distillation devices found to surpass the best of other metal-sheet structured packing in terms of efficiency and capacity.


Atmospheric & Vacuum crude towers; Stabilisers & debutanisers FCC main fractionators; Lube oil fractionators; Aromatics distillation; MTBE process fractionators; Ethylbenzene/styrene splitters; Alcohol distillations; Quench towers; Amine scrubbers and regenerators; Glycol contactors/dehydrators; Terpene fractionators; Tall oil and Fatty acid fractionators; Amine distillations; Glycol distillations; Glycerine distillations; Caprolactam; Flavour/fragrance fractionators; Refrigerants distillation etc.


Plastic Pall Rings